Religious Christianity- A Tool Of Oppression, Imperialism And Expansionist Conquest – By Osondu Shere The dark-skinned Bogey Man

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”T” font=”Abril Fatface” color_class=”otw-orange-text” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-orange-border” label_color=”#FF0000″]he invention of Satan was cast upon humanity’s consciousness as the allegorical metaphor of a talking serpent/tempter. Satan it was, who tricked Eve and by extension, Adam into committing the sin of rebellion. God was adequately riled, and in His fuming fury, evicted them from the nirvanic Eden. Since then, humanity has longingly drooled for the prelapsarian glories of Eden.

Satan later made cameo appearances in old testament narratives but reappeared manifestly in the new testament. Unlike Yahweh that metamorphosed from a fire- spitting judgemental God to a compassionate Father, satan remained unconscionably mephistophelean in his shenanigans and devilry.


After the life and ministry of Christ, the tiny Jewish sect He commissioned escaped Palestine and sprouted in Europe. The Roman Establishment carried out a coup d’etat and dislodged Jesus Christ and His love message from Christianity. They clad the remains of the faith in religious garb, and weaponised it. From then, Christianity changed from a movement for the oppressed to religious Christianity– a tool of oppression, imperialism and expansionist conquest.

Africa was not left out in the imperialistic drive of the Mega Powers then. While the continent was scambled for, and her lands irrationally parcelled, European Christian missionaries came with strange memes– the image of a white God and a black satan.

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This material portraiture of God in the flesh was a blue-eyed, blond haired figure. His long hair was parted via the course of the sagittal suture and he appeared sanctimoniously effeminate. Satan, on the other hand, appeared inky black, with kinky hair.

See!, those images were hose images were subtly subliminal,but were advertently intended— “This God you are to serve looks like us( Caucasian). And satan– the corrupter of God’s glorious creation looks like you– he is black.” Our skin colors, our names, our uniqueness and Africaness were made to appear evil and savage. Their goal was sinister. They understood the power of imagery. It was all about inferiority of the black man, mind control/ cognitive imperialism.

European folklores described satan as a black human figure. During the Salem witch trials of the 1690s, the accusers, in their delusional hallucinations, claimed to have seen black, scrawny, horror-plagued bugaboos.

Back in the time, in America and Europe, creeping normality was encoded in the stereotyping of dark and black as negative. It also crept into their vocabularies— black sheep, blacklist, black Friday, black market etc.


The entertainment industry is also fraught with the depictions of satan as a black man. Make-up artists made Moroccan actor, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, look darker when he role-played “Devil” in the TV mini-series–“The Bible”.

African American actor, Carl Anderson, portrayed the role of Judas, in the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Wasn’t Judas Iscariot a Jew like Jesus and the other apostles? How did he become synonymous with blackness?

Sadly, this cultural pestilence has crept into our movie industry, the Nollywood. Last week, I saw a movie on Africa Magic Epic. The guy that played Lucifer was overdosed with melanin, with extra layers of coal tar, to boot.


According to the Judeo-christian narrative, God actually created a powerful, intelligent and angelic being, the chief among all angels called Lucifer– ‘The Shining One, The Morning Star, the son of the dawn(Isaiah 14: 12-14). It’s from his name that the word ‘Luciferous’ was derived.

After the heavenly warfare, warfare, Lucifer and his coterie of angelic entourage that rebelled against God were thrown down to the earth. Where, when and how did Lucifer and his demonic minions transmorgrify into black, double-horned, long-tailed, winged, cloven footed grotesque figures? It beggars belief!

Truth is, all these cultural ethos and iconographies, are subtly encrusted in the white supremacist agenda. The human mind is minded to bow in submission and reverential awe to the image or object it worships.

As part of African renaissance, it’s high time we as Africans, decolonised our mindset by deconstructing our thoughts and values that resonate with European colonialism. Indigenous sovereignty can only be achieved through fervent cultural, mental, psychological and economic freedom.

Decolonizing Christianity, as part of African rebirth, should jolt our collective consciousness.

Many churches and homes are deluged with images of white Jesus and His Mother.

Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, and Jews in 1st century Judaea were closest phenotypically to Iraqi Jews of the contemporary world–black hair, olive-brown skin and deep-brown eyes.

In 1st Corinthians 11: 14, St Paul wrote, “…it is dishonorable for a man to keep long hair.” Jesus traditionally wore shortish hair.
…This article was written by Osondu Shere; a Pharmacist and wife of the former Secretary to Enugu state Government.


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