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In a technology-savvy world advancements and further developments are seen as just normal things. Though the journey of technology up to today’s modern technological era has been bumpy, it is a progressive and transitional growth as such. Many concepts are involved in this constant change and a large population of the human population knows about some which is a result of the digital divide bridging improving and although can be attributed to numerous factors is also mainly due to the constant efforts towards global digitalization.

Mobile application development can be defined as the process or set of processes that result in a software application or computer program being designed to operate on mobile devices like mobile phones and digital assistants. Mobile app development can also be defined as the procedures or set of processes that involve the creation of software for computer devices.

Arguably, mobile application development also and even most known and referred to as mobile app development is the future or next generation of development. It can vary from very simple to complex types. Also, mobile application development may require nothing as cost or even cost millions but this depends on the type of mobile application that the mobile application developer wants to develop. It is also worthwhile noting the transition from the period at which mobile apps were designed specifically for companies and to provide certain services electronic mails to now that there are mobile applications designed for gaming purposes, business purposes, and for many other types of purposes.

Furthermore, mobile application development requires a lot of expertise skills( though this depends on the type of mobile application) and tools. Such tools include front-end development tools which primarily include user interface (UI) design tools and interoperability accommodation tools. There are also the back-end tools that are used for integration and provide data services.

In conclusion, the advent of mobile applications has come with lots of advantages as well as shortcomings. Overcoming these shortcomings is very integral for further development in the field.

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