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Business Magnate, Dr. Ifeanyi Odii To Empower Nigerian Entrepreneurs With N1M



r. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii is a philanthropist, business man and investor who started growing his business from scratch to multi-million dollars conglomerate. Dr. Ifeanyi is the founder of of Ultimus Holdings.
The Business magnate took to his Instagram page to announce that he will be empowering five Nigerian entrepreneurs(youths) with a million Nigeria each.
Dr. Ifeanyi who has been known for similar empowerment programs and other philanthropic missions made it know that such decision was taken to celebrate his 44th birthday.
“In alignment with my mantra to continually “make lives better”, I will be empowering 5 Nigerian Youths with 1 million naira each to start up or expand their businesses.How to qualify?
1. Send a pitch document of a business you are looking to start or an existing business you are looking to expand to this email address –
2. Your pitch document should contain everything we need to know about the business especially it’s viability and profitability.
3. Send your pitch document to the designated email on or before 6pm on Friday, 23rd April 2021.
4. The first set of shortlisted qualifiers will be selected by a panel of seasoned investors.
5. The first set of shortlisted qualifiers will be invited for a physical pitch presentation via email.
6. We will handle the logistics of shortlisted qualifiers coming from outside Lagos.
He further added that he would be giving hundred thousand naira (100,000) each to ten (ten) persons on his page. This cash price, according to the Philanthropist is for lucky people who comment, in a simple description what the said amount could do for them and at the same time benefits the society or the people around the individual”

“I will also be giving 10 people 100 thousand naira each today.
How to qualify:
1. State in the comment section one thing you would be using the money for if chosen.
2. Your stated need must be something that adds value to yourself or to someone around you.
3. Comments should be strictly on the comment section and not DM
4. One comment per individual as multiple comments from the same individual would lead to disqualification.
5  Winners will be announced on Instagram by 10pm today.Wishing you all the very best and thank you for your kind wishes”

Okanga Trumpeter had reported May 2020 that Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii reached out to Abule-Ado explosion victims and supplied them with truck-loads of food materials. Similar reports were also made on the Dr’s supply of palliatives to different communities during the Coronavirus lockdown.
Follow Dr. Ifeanyi Odii on IG here
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South-West Has Highest Rate Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria, Marwa Says



he Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (retd.) has said the South-West and South-South have the highest drug abuse cases in the country.

He also said there is a link between drug abuse and insurgency, banditry and kidnapping, saying these crimes would continue to thrive until drug abuse was addressed.

Marwa, a former Military Administrator of Lagos State, said this in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, on Friday during the inauguration of a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts called ‘Behavioural Action Centre’, built by a group known as Ogbomoso First Initiative.

The new NDLEA helmsman said the rate of drug abuse in the South-West was 22.4 per cent, with the South-South and South-East following with 16.6 and 13.8 per cent, respectively, Punch reports.

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According to him, the North-East, North-West and North-Central came after with 13.6, 12 and 10 per cent, respectively.

Marwa said, “We are facing drug challenge in Nigeria but it is a solvable challenge. To achieve this, all stakeholders must come together to solve the problem. Drug challenge does not discriminate between Christians and Muslims. No community is not affected by this debilitating issue.

“Banditry, insurgency, kidnapping and other criminal activities all have their root in the use of hard substances. Until we face the menace squarely, the problem of insecurity will continue to remain with us.”

He urged the traditional rulers, religious centres and schools to rise against this drug abuse challenge, especially among the youths.

Commending the Ogbomoso First Initiative for building the rehab centre, Marwa said it was the first rehab centre in the South-West built by individuals.

He urged governors to build at least three rehabilitation centres in their states, saying each senatorial district ought to have one.

He urged the Ogbomoso people to be the first set of people to demand drug-free certificates before giving their daughters’ hands in marriage or before allowing their sons to marry any lady. He said by so doing; youths would refrain from drugs because they would know that they would not be allowed to get married for drugs use.

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I’ll ban alcohol, legalise weed if I become President – Naira Marley



opular Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has disclosed his plans for Nigerians if he becomes President.

Naira Marley in a video said he would ban alcohol and legalise weed in order to discourage men from beating up their wives.

The ‘Marlian’ President also said he would ensure 24 hours supply of electricity and will promote unity among different religions and tribes if he becomes president.

“If I become President, I’ll ban alcohol and legalise weed because men beat up their wives under the influence of alcohol and drink and drive but if you smoke weed, nothing of such happens.

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“I’ll also provide 24hrs of electricity. I will not allow anyone to pollute the air with generator fume.

“I don’t want to hear Christianity, Muslim separation comments or separation among Nigerians because of tribe. We must all be one,” Naira Marley said.

This is not the first time a celebrity would call for the legalization of weed.

Recall that Zlatan had earlier said he would grow a farm and legalize weed if he becomes President of Nigeria.

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Poll Reveals 18 Million Americans Now Identify As Gay



allup’s latest update on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender identification finds 5.6% of U.S. adults, estimated to be up to 18 million, identifying as LGBT. 

The current estimate is up from 4.5% in Gallup’s previous update based on 2017 data.

In 2020, 5.6% of U.S. adults identified as LGBT. That is up from 4.5% in 2017, the last year it was asked, and 4.1% in 2016. Between 2012 and 2015, 3.5% to 3.9% of U.S. adults identified as LGBT.

Currently, 86.7% of Americans say they are heterosexual or straight, and 7.6% do not answer the question about their sexual orientation. Gallup’s 2012-2017 data had roughly 5% “no opinion” responses.

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The latest results are based on more than 15,000 interviews conducted throughout 2020 with Americans aged 18 and older. Gallup had previously reported annual updates from its 2012-2017 daily tracking survey data but did not routinely measure LGBT identification in 2018 or 2019.

The identity question asked in 2020 offers a greater level of detail than the question asked in previous years.

Now, respondents indicate their precise sexual orientation, rather than simply answering “yes” or “no” to whether they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Different approaches to measuring LGBT status can produce varying estimates of its incidence in the U.S. population.

Results from Gallup’s new question appears comparable to those from its prior question.

The 1.1-percentage-point increase in the 2020 estimate (using the new question) compared with the 2017 estimate (using the old question) is about what would have been predicted from the recent trends. The LGBT percentage rose an average of 0.3 points per year in 2016 and 2017. Assuming that trend continued in the past three years, the total increase would have been about one percentage point.

More than half of LGBT adults (54.6%) identify as bisexual. About a quarter (24.5%) say they are gay, with 11.7% identifying as lesbian and 11.3% as transgender.

An additional 3.3% volunteer another non-heterosexual preference or term to describe their sexual orientation, such as queer or same-gender-loving. Respondents can give multiple responses when describing their sexual identity; thus, the totals exceed 100%.

Rebasing these percentages to represent their share of the U.S. adult population finds 3.1% of Americans identifying as bisexual, 1.4% as gay, 0.7% as lesbian and 0.6% as transgender.

One of the main reasons LGBT identification has been increasing over time is that younger generations are far more likely to consider themselves to be something other than heterosexual. This includes about one in six adult Generation Z members (those aged 18 to 23 in 2020).

LGBT identification is lower in each older generation, including 2% or less Americans born before 1965 (aged 56 and older in 2020).

The vast majority of Generation Z adults who identify as LGBT — 72% — say they are bisexual. Thus, 11.5% of all Gen Z adults in the U.S. say they are bisexual, with about 2% identifying as gay, lesbian or transgender.

About half of millennials (those aged 24 to 39 in 2020) who identify as LGBT say they are bisexual. In older age groups, expressed bisexual preference is not significantly more common than expressed gay or lesbian preference.

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